Our Supply Chain

We firmly believe that our committed and competitive supply chain is essential to the projects we secure and handover, and that ethos is reflected in how we interact and respect the people we engage with every day.  We believe that the key to a great working relationship is to have a good level of trust in each other and our abilities, but equally that we respect and reward our supply chain in the same way we do for our own employed people.

Having created the business to grow from an initial start-up, we relied heavily on the support and assistance from a strong background of suppliers and sub contractors forged over the previous 20 years of interaction and we have rewarded that assistance with negotiated orders and joint venture schemes as we now move to the larger scale projects.

Because of this close relationship we know how important good communication can be and a commitment to properly timed and regular payments is core to our business in a time when large corporations can forget how important regular interaction can be to any operating business.

Each of our sub contractors has been pre-evaluated for health & safety, performance tested and financially vetted prior to orders being placed, which enables us to work together with secure businesses to strengthen our position together on future projects.

If you would like to join our supply chain and be part of a growing financially secure company with excellent payment terms and ongoing commitment to partnership and negotiations then please contact us.