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Latest on the Coventry Destination Water project

Our flagship project in Coventry is well underway and we wanted to provide an update on progress, and highlight the outstanding work that the team are carrying out, on what is a very unique building!

The premise is to create a unique circular building in a very restricted area in central Coventry, that is the flagship facility in an huge area of urban regeneration which is changing the face of the centre of Coventry.

The building is structurally unique in that all rides and water surface areas are supported from the floating roof, creating an open feeling building without central columns, which in itself gives particular engineering issues.

Front Five were selected to carry out the works due to our previous expertise in the leisure and stadia sectors, and in turn we selected the best team we could to undertake this work, all led by Rob Warren who is responsible for delivering the on site solutions as well as engineering development.

As you can see from the latest pictures we are well underway with our installation and the new slides and rides are beginning to take shape above us.

Working along side a strong engineering team we are now approaching the completion of plant areas, and the ability to introduce heating and limited air to the building in preparation for an extensive commissioning period combining every service in the building.

The project so far has been logistically challenging and created some genuinely unique engineering challenges which we have overcome as a team, for which a huge amount of credit goes to the Client – Coventry Sports Foundation, Buckingham Construction, Desco Design NE and most importantly Rob Warren and his team.

Keep up the good work and we look forward to opening day and trying out the slides!

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